OOTD 130817 | Channelling my inner pastel goth

Outfit details: top - Shein, skirt - Killstar, tights - Got them off Asos, shoes - Adidas Superstar, jacket - Asos premium leather jacket, glasses - Ray Ban.

The combination of all these different fabrics intrigued me. We've got velvet for the skirt, leather for my jacket (and studs), I seriously love that jacket by the way, and lace for my tights. The shoes I actually got secondhand, for the ridiculous price of €15. They're in pretty decent shape still and they're one of my most comfortable pairs to walk in. Aesthetically speaking, I prefer the look of a lot of other shoes over trainers, but sometimes all you really want is comfort.

I actually wore this outfit on a very rainy day, and just after dinner the sun came out and we had a couple of hours left of sunshine. These pictures were taken just before my boyfriend and I headed out for a walk, to enjoy the weather.


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